Skin Care Tips for Bridal Makeup during Summer and Autumn in India

Skin Care Tips for Bridal Makeup during Summer and Autumn in India

When it comes to summer brides, the first that comes to my mind is Clean Dewy skin, with softly blushes cheeks, nude shimmery eyeshadow and lots of mascara. Luscious lips in soft colour and a hint of glitter on the eyes. This would be my perfect SUMMER BRIDE.

The Bridal makeup look that I love giving to all the girls usually involves a lot or all of these points and the most important point out of all these would be FRESH DEWY SKIN. This is a mantra that I don’t ever compromise on. Here are a few pointers for everyone who would like to achieve this look.


1. Hydrate your body with water and water rich foods like watermelon, cucumber, melon, mushrooms etc.
2. Follow a daily skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.
3. Wear a sunscreen without fail. SPF 50 should be appropriate for Indian weather.
4. Wear light coverage foundation unless you have slightly problematic skin issues like pigmentation, acne etc.5. Matte lipsticks look amazing but only on soft, supple lips. Use a baby toothbrush and scrub over the lips once a fortnight.


1. Use long stay cosmetics in extreme sunlight. They tend to look patchy.
2. Over scrub your skin as it tends to become red and flaky.
3. Consume more than 1 cup of coffee per day.
4. Use very bright eye shadows during the daytime.
5. Use glitter without a fixing medium as glitter tends to fall over the cheeks.

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